1. The difference that high quality protection company Thanh Binh Phu My and other security companies

When using Thanh Binh Phu My's security service, customers are allowed to install free cameras at the main gate and maintenance service during the effective period of the contract.
Equipped with free GS 6000C patrol machine at the target, ensuring patrol activities are controlled continuously 24 / 24h.
Liability and occupation insurance level of VND 2,000,000,000 during service usage.
The protection plan, job description of the positions are set up in detail, with a focus towards thoroughly solving the shortcomings of previously unavailable security services.
Thanh Binh Phu My set up a fire prevention plan, built a firefighting team on the spot and rehearsed regularly at the target.
Road guard with regular training and modern equipment capable of independent combat for emergency incidents
Patrol and control activities are maintained and reported regularly in writing
2. Our security services include:

· Security: Buildings, factories, construction sites, warehouses, supermarkets, apartments for rent, private house offices and foreign-invested constructions, etc. v. (24/24 service).

Protect weak people.

· Protect cargo truck escorts, money and other valuables.

· Secure seminars, exhibition seminars and music programs.

· Provide safety equipment, prevent fire, explosion and theft.

- Emergency security service: The guard will immediately reach the target of the customer upon receiving an alarm at the target's center for inspection and reporting. Especially, guarding with certainty loopholes about fire and explosion risks, preventing fraudsters from stealing, breaking into, and confidentiality of information.

- We constantly update practical knowledge, improve our profession. We will do a good job of our duties and responsibilities to apply in real work to achieve the highest efficiency