Bảo vệ mục tiêu cố định

Fixed target guard

Fixed target security service is a universal security service, the nature of the target is not moving such as: protection of...

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Bảo vệ khánh thành

Protection inaugurated

Protection program of the event commencement opening inauguration. The object of protection is Delegates Singers Gu...

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Bảo vệ mục tiêu di động

Protect mobile targets

Human life is developing day by day, so the demand for exchange, purchase and sale is increasing. Professional mobile target...

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Bảo vệ công trường

Protect the construction area

Due to the need of infrastructure development and urban area expansion. Therefore, the demand for construction and infrastruc...

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Bảo vệ sự kiện - hội thảo

Protect event - workshop

To ensure safety, maintain security and order at events, events, the security force is an indispensable factor. Thanks to the...

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Bảo vệ yếu nhân - VIP

Protect the weak - VIP

In every event, protecting the safety of important people is always essential. If the customer is interested in event protect...

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Bảo vệ ngân hàng

Bank protection

Banks are places where commercial and financial credit centers are usually located in the center of cities, towns with many p...

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Bảo vệ siêu thị

Supermarket security

Supermarket security service staff always keep a cheerful, amiable and polite attitude to welcome customers. Proactively help...

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Bảo vệ tòa nhà

Building protection

Security in the building is always focused in many businesses today. So, what is the optimal plan to protect the building? To...

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