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Từ Chối ứng Viên Chuyên Nghiệp Như Tỷ Phú Richard Branson

Refusing Professional Candidates Like Billionaire Richard Branson

With a net worth of 4.9 billion USD (2015), billionaire Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group with more than 400 subsidiar...

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10 Tuyệt chiêu bảo vệ nhà riêng trong dịp Lễ, Tết

10 Great way to protect the private house during the holidays and...

On a long holiday, families often plan to travel, return home and this is an opportunity for bad actors to take advantage of...

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Những sai lầm khi sa thải nhân viên

Mistakes when laying off employees

An employee was fired, then he sued the boss for violating the labor contract signed earlier. In fact, this is not uncommon,...

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